Mt Palay-Palay and Pico de Loro


For a detailed information on Mount Palay-Palay and Pico de Loro, please refer to the Pinoy Mountaineer website.

How to get there?

1. From Manila, take a bus bound for Ternate, Cavite (Jethro, Saulog, etc) in Baclaran, or those that pass by SM Bacoor in Pasay Rotonda (in front of SM Hypermart).

2. Get off at the bus terminal. Rent a tricycle for 75pesos per person, or wait for the jeepney if you are in a big group. Register (P20) first at the DENR office. Look for Nanay Fely.

3. Then, walk towards where you came from. You will see a white arrow drawn in the asphalt road (30-40 metres away from the DENR office). 73813_1518268635808_7326045_n 4. Take “to-the-right” turns in roadforks. Follow the trail signs and please do not remove signs that have been placed by other hikers. 73756_1518269195822_5257312_n 5. At Base Camp 1, you need to register again (20pesos each). Fence (barbed wire) is predominant in these areas. 37123_1518269635833_7461853_n 6. Base Camp 2 is characterised by bamboos. You can set-up your tent here. The summit is approximately 20 minutes away. 75690_1518336117495_1266905_n 7. If you want to dare climbing the Parrot’s Beak (Pico de Loro), then make sure you are in groups of 3-5. There is a rope installed at the onset of the climb to help you in going up. Be very cautious.


A view from the summit of Mt Palay-Palay.


The road to the Parrot’s Beak is narrow and dangerous.


Finally! On top of the Pico de Loro monolith rock.

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