Rodillas Yema Cake

We planned to go on a hiking at Manabu Peak in Sto Tomas, Batangas. But we instead drove all the way to Quezon to find a beach. We reached Pagbilao, asked for Puting Buhangin and Kuwebang Lampas, but we found out that the distance was too much for us. We drove back to Lucena and turned right to Tayabas for the Basilica.

While driving inside the town proper of Tayabas, we read a sign on the “smoothest and creamiest cake EVER.” We parked at a nearby 7-11 store and went to Rodillas Restaurant.

They have an open letter to their employees posted in the vicinity of the restaurant. It reminds the employees that “customers are always right.”

The yema cake is truly the smoothest and creamiest cake ever. They also have pancit habhab also known as pancit Lucban, delectable viands, and did I mention the yummiest yema cake in the world?


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