Casino Español de Manila

Casino Español de Manila is located at TM Kalaw St in Manila, juxtaposed to the Instituto Cervantes de Manila. It is near the LRT station at UN Avenue. It was erected in 1893 as an exclusive club for Hispanics living in Manila that time. The design of the first building was based on the works of Juan Arellano (1913). It was opened in 1917 and was unfortunately destroyed during the Liberation of Manila in 1945.

The club was transferred at the corners of Oregon St (now Apacible St) and Perez St in Paco, Manila. It was re-erected in its original location in 1951 with the help of Ignacio Planas.Casino Español de Manila now serves as the venue for pertinent occasions of Spain in the Philippines.

Filetes de Lenguado Muenniere

Paella a la Valenciana

Buko Salad

Leche Flan

Their official website is this.


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