The Pebbly Beaches of Lobo

When Lobo was mentioned to me by Jerry, the first thing that crossed my mind was Tectona philippinensis (commonly known as the Philippine teak). I searched for additional information and found the Submarine Garden, Ulupong Falls, Mt Banoi and the pebbly beach.
The smooth pebbles at the Malabrigo shore in Lobo, Batangas.

People might tag pebbles, though smooth ones, as deprecatory; others might see white sand as overvalued.

Early Saturday morning, we embarked on a fun travel to Lobo, Batangas. We left Manila at 0430H and reached our destination around 0730H. We followed the instruction prescribed at WaypointDotPH. One of the basic problems when considering a vacation in Lobo is transportation. If you go there by commuting, you need to be extra watchful of the time because travel schedules to Lobo from Batangas City and vice-versa are limited.  Jerry mentioned Punta Fuego de Malabrigo at the end of the road. It is the nearest resort to the Malabrigo Lighthouse. The staff of Punta Fuego are nice. The surroundings are clean, no plastics dancing over the pebbles. But for me, it is not really a good place to unwind because of the videoke in the middle of the cottages. VERY DISTURBING! The time when we were there, oh my hellish, the voices were awful (Note: I do not sing also well.) If you go to the lighthouse via the beach, then you will find good places to lie under the big, big sedimentary rocks.

You can actually set-up tents, which is far better than renting rooms at nearby resorts.

This is a cement factory near the Bacao-Dagatan Junction. This actually served as a landmark for us.

What a beautiful ricefield!

Yes, I really enjoyed my naps under the rocks with the sound of the waves.

Real snails on the rocks.

The Malabrigo Lighthouse.


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