Buktot Beach

The moment I set my footprints on the white sand of Buktot, all I could express was “Pu….-na-gala!” The place is awesome. I could not even think of the right words to describe its charm. And yes, this place is yet to be included in everyone’s list. And I am telling you, this place is 100% better than Puerto Galera. Yes! This is Boracay’s alter-ego!
The powdery white sand of Buktot. Go away, Boracay!

Cottage rental is 100pesos. There is an additional cost of 10pesos per head.


How to get to Buktot?
1. From Alabang, you can take a bus to Batangas Pier via the Star Tollway to avoid the heavy traffic jams in Tanauan and Lipa City. Fare is 137pesos. Travel time is 2-3 hours.
2. There are lots of option for boat to Calapan City. We arrived a bit over 2100H at Batangas Pier, so we opted for the 2200H boat (Montenegro Lines). There are also boats to Pinamalayan and Roxas (municipalities of Oriental Mindoro). Fare is 192pesos. Travel time is 2hours, but since there was a storm at the edge of the Philippine Area of Responsibility when we went there, the boat took 3hours.
3. From the Port of Calapan, you can ride a van up to Roxas. Fare is 140pesos. We bought Yellow Van tickets at the Batangas Pier. It is not advisable to do this especially if you are travelling in a small group because the vans wait to be filled-up. If the group is composed of 14pax, then it is good to do this, because you are assured to have a van when you reach Calapan. It is also good to do this during peak seasons or holidays.
4. If the van is only up to Roxas, then you can ask the locals on how to get to Mansalay. There are no jeepneys or buses in Oriental Mindoro. Mode of transportation is either tricycle or van. For us, we hired a vehicle for 1,700pesos from Bansud to Buktot (63-km distance).

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