Good Sun. Good Life.

Sun is the centre of our Solar System. It is the source of energy. It is the nucleus of happiness. It is the core source of inspiration for a wonderful life. And so, I built my Summer around it.

The Magnificent Mount Mayon. It was mid-February when I switched-on again my mountaineer persona. I am so lucky to have received an invitation from Packers Mountaineering. I took a leave from my serve-the-people persona and carried my bag to the terminal where the buses bound for Bicol are usually stationed on a Thursday night. I closed my eyes and convinced my heart that an absent is just a part of growing up with the government. And I must admit that prior to seeing the crater, I was very scared of trying to climb, even for a point of my toes over the supposedly-hot-land of the volcano.


It felt like Mt Doom in The Lord of the Rings.

We were dwarfed, literally, by the big rocks/hardened lava/boulders.

We were dwarfed, literally, by the big rocks/hardened lava/boulders.

Solid rocks above us. Crumbling soil and stones below us.

Solid rocks above us. Crumbling soil and stones below us.

One miss, you die. One slide, you die. One loose rock, you die.

One miss, you die. One slide, you die. One loose rock, you die.

Remember when Zac Efron had his lunch in Mt Mayon? Well, I had mine too! LOL.

Remember when Zac Efron had his lunch in Mt Mayon? Well, I had mine too! LOL.


This is the crater of the magnificent Mount Mayon – with the sulphuric, obnoxious odour, ashes and smoke.

The 3-Mountains-in-a-Day Journey (San Jose Circuit). Imagine this: three mountains must be hiked up and down in just a day. It was pretty impossible, but we did it!






Mt Kawayan


Mt Bungkol Baka


Mt Tangisan

Cobra-PDBF Dragon Boat Regatta 2013 Leg 1.  

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Potipot Island, Zambales (2nd Zambales Dragon Boat Festival in Uacon Lake, Zambales).


Getting ready for the race!



Vigan. The city is currently the finest example of a harmonious clash of culture and a great blend of East and West architectural styles. The Heritage Village along Calle Crisologo is lined up with old Spanish houses, making it one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The influence of Chinese can be traced from its food – miki, okoy, sinanglao, among others. It is also famous for its longganisa (sausage), bagnet and bibingka.

401894_10200249705824458_1711170002_n 947244_10200249708344521_2117141634_n 486879_10200249709184542_1734465848_n 944305_10200249710544576_271112211_n


Hey pretty Moonlight, is that your box? What’s in there?

Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte (plus surfing in Bagasbas Beach). Have you heard of the TV series Survivor (the US version)? Well, the location, which is the Caramoan Islands, is like the half-sister of Calaguas Island. The charming island has a lot to offer – white powdery sand, crystal blue waters, fresh air and serenity that The World’s Best, that is, the Boracay Island, cannot offer. When I was in Calaguas, I literally slept on the powdery sand under the trees (daytime) and under the stars (at night). The people are also kind. You could always ask them to look for fresh catch from the sea. A bit of caution though – small jellyfishes play near the shore that makes swimming a bit difficult. By the way, the boat ride will consume 2 hours one-way, just in case, you want to know. There are no posh hotels in the island. you have to sleep in tents.

Bagasbas Beach is probably one of the best locations for learning how to surf. Shoreline is superbly wide. Sand is incredibly fine. And the people are extraordinarily hospitable. Surfboard plus instructor would cost you around 400pesos for one-hour.

941381_10200264025542442_1773364608_n 931244_10200264022302361_1897728744_n 408453_10200264018862275_2001151392_n 184419_10200264006461965_113826465_n945454_10200264294869175_1711925009_n 923487_10151903544543976_1078405947_n969189_10200264301309336_1421620583_n945920_10200264313389638_1720898823_n

Photos courtesy of Andrea Vallar, Rainier Dumbrique, Packers Mountaineering, Ace Panuncio, James Oliveria, Karl Felisilda and Dio de la Fuente.


4 thoughts on “Good Sun. Good Life.

  1. Woooowww! Very productice Summer~! (Uttering the LOTR “creed” must have been fun while climbing Mayon! May usok usok pa! NICE!:D)

    Love the bahay kubo picture. 😀


    1. You may join us, kung gusto mo. We just came from Baler, and I hope iyon na ang aking closing ceremony for my Summer. Medyo pambutas ng bulsa ang gala.. Hahaha.


      1. OMG yeah? Hindi ba yan exclusive sa org or what? Sure! Let me know the details on your next climb. Hopefully it’s in the beginner’s level. 😀

        Medyo pambutas bulsa talaga yan,hehe. But then, the experience and the sun are priceless. 🙂


      2. Ako kasi ay isang dakilang kaladkarin. Sumasabit kahit kanino, basta I make sure na may kakilala ako kahit isa doon sa mga kasama.

        Yes. The sun is priceless. Somehow, sun becomes more photogenic in other places. LOL.


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