A Curious Buffet

1015560_10151736113398274_1115923373_oArt exhibits are considered part of the “make or break” phenomenon. If an artist decides to pursue an exhibition, then he/she needs to make the components extraordinary. Artworks need not to be too complicated because they might intimidate visitors. An artwork in its simplest term might just render everything tedious. An artwork may be complicated or simple, but it has to have the mystery factor that could keep everyone clamouring for more and invite others to indulge and have a piece of the ever-intangible aesthetic pleasure. And curiosity invited me to pick and take a bite from the Pablo Galleries that temporarily houses a curious buffet.

Saturday, 29 June, 6 PM… really? So what prompted me to be in Cubao as early as 3PM? Nothing but excitement. Yes! Lady Pasta (the real title of the artwork is On Pasta and Forgetting) has defined my sanity the day I saw it online via the Barrio Teacher’s blog. I wanted to see it in its grandeur and whiteness… and of course, to have that once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a picture with its Creator, the Barrio Teacher himself. Teacher Mots.

People, enwrapped with the same kind of excitement, commenced to take an elongated shape. Cameras started to flash like lightning in dark skies. For an introverted person like me, standing amidst an unknown crowd with nameless faces is a torture more harrowing than listening to the singing or hosting skills of Mr Packer. But it did not bother me. All I wanted was to stare at the Lady Pasta.

Amidst the drizzle that sprinkled the narrow street inside Cubao Expo, a lady announced the opening of the Buffet. The moment my feet stepped onto the wooden floors of the exhibit area, I immediately searched for the Lady Pasta. And on a low table, I saw her. I did not want to leave her, but the other visitors might not see her entirety. So I thought of leaving her for a moment and check the other artworks.

I thought A Curious Buffet was an exhibit of clay artworks. I was wrong. Everything was represented.. acrylic, wood, air-dried twig, doodles, paper, coffee, among others. But I came expecting for an exhibit of food made up of clay with genius twists. Some artworks appeared not in sync with the theme and seemed isolated. I did not expect a minute gas tank, decorated flyswatters, painted ladles/dippers and spoons and forks, a portrait of the Onion Queen that looked like the young queen from the movie Epic and doodled woods.

Some of the pieces I did like include the Suman, Bugok, Dinner Dispute (Chess of Condiments) and the Umami Catcher. The Dreamcatcher fetches bad dreams and make sleeping more comfortable and without horror. In a way, it catches bad elements. Umami refers to “a taste sensation that is meaty or savory and is produced by several amino acids and nucleotides (as aspartate, inosinate, and glutamate)” (I lifted the definition from here). That might what the Umami Catcher does. It catches good tastes. If I were the artist, then I could have given the Umami Catcher a more distinct shape and a design more intricate and exciting than a Dreamcatcher.

On Sweet Nothings and On Pasta and Forgetting (aka Lady Pasta, I just made up this). I expected the whole exhibit to be like these two artworks by Teacher Mots. Foodie and artsy. Something about food with an irresistible twist. In On Sweet Nothings, two guys are in the acts of serenading / courting a lady. The ornaments of the piece made up of ice cream, cookies and other delectable desserts are just superb. And the pasta noodles in On Pasta and Forgetting are insanely al dente-looking, firm but not hard. Even without the mushroom and meat trappings, the image of a lady resting on a bed of pasta noodles is so powerful it could carry the whole A Curious Buffet. I believe that it should have been the centrepiece. The artist lives up to his name, The Star.

1001303_10201728836211863_1054413601_n 1013819_10201728847812153_1636883115_n1001495_10201728840971982_2015151809_nThank you, Teacher Mots. From your biggest (sige na nga, craziest) fans.

This is On Pasta and Forgetting. My Lady Pasta! Image courtesy of Teacher Mots’ blog.



4 thoughts on “A Curious Buffet

  1. stumbled on to your site as i was confirming the title of the curious buffet event. Lucky you! You were able to have a pic with the star! Im gonna visit the exhibit tomorrow. I hope to meet the Lady Pasta too 😀


  2. salamat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ang jubis jubis ko lang LOL ashwally, medyo kami yung saliwa sa unang plan. utensils at hindi food ang unang pinepeg nung exhibit kaso ayan. basta kitchen na siya may kitchen utensil at food! ahha

    salamat sa suporta dexter!


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