From The Bucket List: Spend “Two” Years On A Mountain

I am determined to slash out one entry from my bucket list on my way back to Manila, ie to end the year and start the new year in sync with nature. With my friend Tetet’s suggestion to climb Mount Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas, the bulb in my head lit up like a thousand fireworks in the sky.

On the afternoon of December 31st, all my things were already packed. I went to Pasay for the bus terminal bound for Nasugbu, met my friend Tetet at a fastfood chain and set for probably my craziest climb yet.

On our way up, I used my GoPro camera to record the trails. Well, I thought of making a found-footage ala The Blairwitch Project minus the horrors and gores. To spice up the video recording, I teased myself with the narrow trails and tried to see the bottom of the deep ravines on each side. The grasses at some portions are quite tall, blocking my line of sight. Well, I am not daredevil enough to take another step onto the grasses because I might just end up bouncing to my death.

I have been to Mount Batulao several times before. And I must say that it never fails to charm me. The rugged peaks create a parade of elevations leading to serenity. The green things growing on its very earth and the patches of brownish discolourations are marvelous for the eyes. The scenery fabricates peace that is very difficult to resist. But have you seen the Sunset from the summit? Aside from the extraordinary view of the setting of the sun, the colour of the sky at that time of the day is beyond amazing.

Along the way, we met a father and his two sons. At least, we are not alone. They camped before the house of the guardian of the trail. We stopped at the last campable area near the summit.

We were lucky to witness how the nearby communities celebrate. It was my first time to see fireworks at eye-level. The fireworks appeared harmless. They were all but glitters and sparks. No loud explosions. No obnoxious odour.

03 04 05 06The next morning, we went home with a peaceful mind and a happy heart.

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