A Serene Birthday Celebration in Siquijor

It was all like the Big Bang Theory. No plans. No notes. No whatsoever. It was like exclaiming “Yeah, I wanna be in Siquijor when I turn thirty…” with the biggest grin you could ever imagine. This is probably the most random travel I have ever done.

So, one Saturday morning with a bag filled with papers and other office stuff from a seminar, I embarked on an “unknown” journey to the Island of Fire. Too good that one of the staff of Siquijor STC was kind enough to let me leave my things on her unit. She even let us (with my officemate) borrow her motorcycle for an around-the-island one-of-a-kind adventure. I never had a trip ala Motorcycle Diaries. Her name is Macbeth (Thank you, Macbeth.).

From Dumaguete, it took us approximately 20 minutes to get to the island. We were greeted by a lot of people, who turned out to be owners and/or drivers of motorbikes for rent. The island can be navigated in a day, so you can rent a motorbike for a day (rental fee is 700pesos). And I intended to stay in the island, instead of going back to Dumaguete, where the night is silent like you are in a barrio.

I do not have expectations for Siquijor but it gave me some of the “most” memorable moments of my life. From the view of white sand to the serenity of a silent night, from the enjoyable free fish spa to more enjoyable session of drinking energy drink on the roadside and talking to the locals, from the lonely sight of faceless bars to meeting a new friend, everything was a speck of magic. Driving around the island acquainted me with the sights and things that the island could offer.


The Church of St Francis of Assisi is located near the port and probably the most photographed church in the province.


The old balete in Lazi, Siquijor is one of the tourism stopovers in the island. Just sit, relax and have a free fish spa.


Cambugahay Falls. Clear water that looks like chlorinated. It gets crowded, though.


The St Isidore Church and Convent in Lazi, Siquijor is one of the largest in the country. The church and the convent were declared historical sites in 1973.


The St Isidore Church was finished in 1884.


The Lazi Convent.


Sta Maria Church


JJ’s Café and Backpacker’s has the best maintained beachfront on this side of the Island. Sand is regularly raked by the owner so as to remove unwanted prints.


Waking up to this view offers one-of-a-kind happiness.


I assure you that a blue sky with cirrus clouds can easily equate with tranquility and peace of mind.


This man patiently goes over the sand for some worms that burrow. He waits for the water to subside, then look for holes with parts of the worm protruding.


Fishermen doing their morning routine.


A woman picking up sea shells at the shallow sea early in the morning.


This is the highlight of my roadtrip-slash-vacation in Siquijor — a creepy-looking mangrove tree.


You can only see this if you have reservations with the Coco Grove Resort.

Thanks to Saul for being the reliable driver!

Thanks to Saul for being the ever-reliable driver!


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