Iloilo (from La Isla Magazine, August 2014)

I travelled three times across the country for the month of August and I have almost memorised the content of La Isla, the on-board magazine of the Philippine Airlines.

Reference: Ocampo, G. 2014. “City Break: Experience a Slow-Paced Lifestyle in Iloilo.” In La Isla: Within Our Islands. T.G. Tan (ed.), August 2014, pp. 38-43.

Breakthrough – pick and point, no menu, prices change daily depending on the weight and market price of the catch of the day, has a massive ‘pot’ to hold live crabs and shells, fresh seafood, affordable price, located at Arevalo, Ponsyon by Breakthrough in Plazuela de Iloilo, manager is the daughter of Raymundo Robles

Garin Farm – located in San Joaquin, with adventure activities and accommodation

Madge Coffee Shop – located in La Paz, serve homegrown coffee, parking can be difficult, regular customers can have their own cups with their names on it

0102 Diversion 21 – building with different colour every two floors, 30 minutes away from the airport and near shops and sites

Flavor Trip – try aligue and sinamak, native dessert (native molasses in bamboo containers, 3 for P100), buttered cream bars taste like silvanas (P65)

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