First Time in Cotabato

I have never been to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. With the publicity the region gets from the media, it is very difficult to schedule a trip to one of its covered area.

With the government project I am handling, I am required to conduct an IEC for the region. When I was preparing the itinerary of travel, travel order and the estimate of expenses, I got excited with the enthusiasm of the people to host us for the event. I searched landmarks in the area and the first place that popped up was the Grand Mosque. From my readings, a portion of the money that was used in building the mosque came from the Sultan of Brunei.

Cotabato 02

The pictures uploaded were very inviting. The architecture of the mosque is amazing. The sight of the half-moon and the dome is marvelous.


0302Cotabato 01


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