Rememberin’ Bacao

When I was still working for the Botany Division of the National Museum of the Philippines, I had to pass through the shabby avenue of Bacao everyday. Sunrises and sunsets were made dramatic with silhouettes of houses in stilts. I could say that I had a love-hate relationship with the area. Love for the silhouettes that gave me peace of mind, surprisingly. Hate for the plastics and the reality that the people of Bacao can live with the non-biodegradables.

One afternoon while sitting comfortably in a baby bus (well, smaller than a mini-bus and the usual bus), I brought out my digicam to capture the magnificent Sunset. The colour was so magical, something like gold, maybe orange, or yellow-orange… or a combination of those hues, that I did not hesitate bringing out my camera. An old lady sitting at the back reminded me that my gadget might be snatched. Luckily, it was not grabbed from my hands.

However, the Bacao community that I used to know is no longer existing. Did this become part of the Cavite Expressway?

Bamboo Skeleton Bridge Community House Life Over Water Morning Parking Area Raised Platform Two Kids in a Pedicab Two Kids Wait Way


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