10 Photos: Bagan


A portion of the Bagan Archaeological Zone, which has the most number of ancient temples and pagodas in the whole world. The Thatbyinnyu Temple, the tallest temple, dominates the horizon. This photo was taken at the topmost porch of the Shwesandaw Temple.


Burmese men exiting the Sulamani Temple.


The massive Dhammayangyi Temple.


Ananda Temple. The Myanmar government is on its way of cleaning up its temples. The cleaners use only water in removing the stains and other unwanted materials from the surface of the temples. They were trained in India.


A view from the Mingalazedi Pagoda. The Thatbinnyu Temple can still be seen from this distance.


An artwork on one outside wall of the Mingalazedi Pagoda.


The Nat Taung Kyaung Monastery. It is probably the region’s oldest monastery made of the teak wood. Take note of the craftmanship of the Burmese in making all those intricate designs.


The Htilo Minlo Temple is well-known for its red bricks and plaster moldings.


Shwezigon Pagoda. It looks similar to the Shwedagon Pagoda, but smaller in size.


The picturesque Bagan sunset.


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