Palaui Island

Palaui Island was declared as a National Marine Reserve in 28 August 1994 encompassing an area of 7,145 hectares (17,660 acres). The waters around the island boast of 21 commercial species of fishes with about 50 hectares (120 acres) of undisturbed corals. It was declared by CNN as the World’s 10th Best Beach in May 2013. (From Wikipedia)

Palaui Palettes

It is an island considered as a sitio under the jurisdiction of Barangay (village) San Vicente, Sta Ana, Cagayan. It has become more popular now to local and foreign tourists as the shooting locations of two episodes of hit reality TV show in the US – Survivor (Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Blood vs Water). Some of the spots used in the show were Cape Engaño and Siwangag Cove as tribal camp areas, Anguib Beach as challenge area and Puzorubo as the Redemption Arena.

Palaui Lighthouse at a Distance

The lighthouse from a distance.

From Manila, you can either fly to Tuguegarao City or Laoag City through Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific Air. From Tuguegarao City, you may take a van to Santa Ana Centro, then tricycle to San Vicente Port and banca/boat to Palaui Island. From Laoag City, you may take a bus (GMW) to Santa Ana Centro. By bus from Manila, you may take buses bound for Tuguegarao City or Laoag City, or the Florida Bus Line for the direct Manila to Santa Ana route.

Palaui Puddles

Green things growing on the way to the lighthouse. The puddles make the place unique. Photo by Andrea Vallar.

Palaui Expenses

Remember that it is more affordable to travel in group (8 pax maximum).


1. The most expensive part of the travel is the boat rental. PASAMOBA or the organisation of the boat owners and guides have standardised rates for every possible tour/trip combo in the different spots of the island and nearby islands. So it is a good thing that you read some information about the places. The following table shows how I rated the different spots:

Palaui Spots


Palaui San Vicente Port

This building, located at San Vicente Port, houses the PASAMOBA office. You have to register here and buy additional items that you might need in your adventure.

2. Cape Engaño beach and lighthouse, Siwangag Cove, Punta Verde, Burobodot Falls, Lagunzad and Leonardo’s trails are all in the Palaui Island. So you might want to consider staying in the island and trek the mentioned spots. For the location of the trails, please click this. You may ask if the banca owners and guides can offer a special rate if you only want to visit Anguib Beach and/or Crocodile Island, and stay overnight at the island. Compare it with the standardised rates as shown below: (Image from here)

Palaui Boat Rate

3. Pitching a tent and homestay in the island have the same cost (P250 per night). It is cheaper than spending overnight at Anguib Beach or staying at a hostel or lodge in Santa Ana mainland. Laddaran Homestay is owned by Ate Elsa and she can be contacted through mobile number +63.905.283.2559.

Palaui Abandoned

Nature has taken over some portions of the lighthouse.

Palaui Cape

Palaui Crocodile Island

The Crocodile Island looks like a resting crocodile at a distance.

Palaui Dos Hermanas

The Dos Hermanas from the windows of the lighthouse.

Palaui Forest Crab

Forest crab is relatively abundant in the island.

Palaui Crocodile

Front view of the Crocodile Island.


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