Pinto Art Museum

The Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal is more than the contemporary pieces it contains. You may find the white and terracota walls amazing. You may enjoy flowers in unexpected nooks. You may even inspire the artist in you when you see the beauty of sunset while sitting in the Café Tan-aw.

The Contemporary Masterpieces.

Pinto Art Museum 03

Pinto Art Museum 04

Pinto Art Museum 05

The Womb

Pinto Art Museum 10

What looks like an abstract of dots is actually the top view of Luneta grounds during a grand occasion, maybe the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

The Flowers.

Pinto Art Museum 08

Pinto Art Museum 09

Pinto Art Museum 11

The Surroundings.

Pinto Art Museum 02

Pinto Art Museum 15

Pinto Art Museum 06

Pinto Art Museum 07

Pinto Art Museum 16

Pinto Art Museum 00

The Sunset.

Pinto Art Museum 12.jpg


The sunset can be viewed best at Café Tan-aw, left side of the entrance, before the path to the Museum of Indigenous Art.

The best location, I think, for picture-taking is at Ernesta’s Garden. You may want to go first there so you can have the place on your own. It is very hard to take a good photo with lots of people walking and roaming around. Yes, there were lots of people when we went there on a Saturday.

After Ernesta’s Garden, you can go back to the galleries and enjoy them without the crowd or with lesser number of people.

If you are going to bring your car, please take note that you can park it on the street. Don’t worry because the museum is located inside a private residence village.

Entrance fee is 180 pesos. And I think it is closed on Mondays.

The food inside is a bit pricey. You may want to eat first before heading up to PAM.

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