Travel Buddy: Kat

Kat graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She loves four things: food, travel, books, and her dog. She thinks her life’s purpose is to eat her way around the world. Due to poor sense of direction (according to her), she always gets lost, but she doesn’t mind because she hopes that in one of her “lost” moments, she can find the perfect café, where she can be with her book (or e-reader) peacefully.

And she has been working for the aviation industry, not as a cabin crew, but one of those significant people making sure that flights are properly coordinated and dispatched. You know about Jeppesen maps? Talk to her. And be sure to know the flight codes of airlines when you talk to her about airlines, like PR for Philippine Airlines and EK for the Emirates.

Let’s get to know more about her solo backpacker nature..

Favourite destination so far. SEYCHELLES! I love how laidback this place is. Locally, it would be Palawan.

TraveBuddy Kath 01
The gorgeous beach in Seychelles. When Kat was here, I sent her a question: Marami bang nagsi-she sells seashells in Seychelles (korni lol). #SesyelNaSeychelles
TraveBuddy Kath 01b
Kat did her first solo backpacking trip in El Nido, Palawan. I was also in Palawan that time, but we were not able to meet because we were both tired from our solo trips in the World’s Number One Island.

Most memorable trip so far. My Camiguin trip, which coincided with the landfall of Typhoon Koppu, is probably not the most challenging but the most stressful trip I had. I took the Butuan route, and I almost never made it to my flight as everything (from ferry to flight) got delayed. My flight got delayed to 10pm, and I reached the airport at 9:40 pm. The agent was kind enough to still print my boarding pass. (Lucky lady!)

TraveBuddy Kath 02.jpg

Fave travel buddy/ies. College friends because most of them are into backpacking, too. Though I do solo trips once in a while.

TraveBuddy Kath 03b
Kat with one of her bestfriends in San Felipe, Zambales.
TraveBuddy Kath 03
Happy to be in Batanes.

First thing you do when you are in a new place. Check the recommended restaurants. Lol. Oh wait, I also do this whenever I’m researching about a place.

TraveBuddy Kath 04
Delicious fruit combo at Kalui Seafoods Restaurant in Palawan.
TraveBuddy Kath 04b
One of our good finds in San Juan, La Union – the 5-minute Drink. Yes, it really works!

Top pick for dream travel. Europe. I’ve always been dreaming about going to Switzerland and Ireland. That’s why I’m starting to “prepare” my passport by collecting stamps from different countries.

TraveBuddy Kath 05
Switzerland (Image from here)
TraveBuddy Kath 05b
Ireland (Image from here).

What interests you in your travels. The scenery and the food.

TraveBuddy Kath 06
Kat in one of her travels in the Middle East.
TraveBuddy Kath 06b
The beautiful sunset as seen from San Felipe, Zambales.
TraveBuddy Kath 06c
You know where to try this? Baguio, of course! A tower of pancakes and strawberries.

Where do you plan to go next and what do you want to do on that trip? I’ll celebrate my birthday by backpacking Vietnam and Cambodia. I’m hoping I could eat authentic Vietnamese food (coffee, yum!) and see some temples. If I could save enough money, I might go to the UK or Japan late this year.

What can you say about traveling. Travel while you are young. Go out of your comfort zone. Traveling can be cheap as long as you research a place.

TraveBuddy Kath 08
TraveBuddy Kath 08b

You can read more of her travels and whatnots at If you love wearing white shirts with quotations or statements, then head on to her wearDPT line.


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