Pinto Art Museum

The Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal is more than the contemporary pieces it contains. You may find the white and terracota walls amazing. You may enjoy flowers in unexpected nooks. You may even inspire the artist in you when you see the beauty of sunset while sitting in the Café Tan-aw. The Contemporary Masterpieces. … More Pinto Art Museum

Surfing in Baler

When one of my friends invited me for a camping and surfing weekend in Baler, my sanity was easily filled-up with excitement and enthusiasm. Who would not feel such an endearing feeling when after all those chances, finally, I am given the slot to cast my footprint over the sands of Baler? The local movie … More Surfing in Baler

A Curious Buffet

Art exhibits are considered part of the “make or break” phenomenon. If an artist decides to pursue an exhibition, then he/she needs to make the components extraordinary. Artworks need not to be too complicated because they might intimidate visitors. An artwork in its simplest term might just render everything tedious. An artwork may be complicated … More A Curious Buffet

Mt Guiting-Guiting: Of Sharp Rocks and Steep Trails

Mount Guiting-Guiting is one of the mountains in the Philippines featured on every Filipino mountaineer’s dream. Its uniqueness and degree of difficulty attract adventure-seekers. Its sharp-edged rocks and dangerous ravines thrill everyone who has the courage to scale up its height. I commenced my journey to try what everybody has been calling as the G2 … More Mt Guiting-Guiting: Of Sharp Rocks and Steep Trails