Pinto Art Museum

The Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal is more than the contemporary pieces it contains. You may find the white and terracota walls amazing. You may enjoy flowers in unexpected nooks. You may even inspire the artist in you when you see the beauty of sunset while sitting in the Café Tan-aw. The Contemporary Masterpieces. … More Pinto Art Museum

Rememberin’ Bacao

When I was still working for the Botany Division of the National Museum of the Philippines, I had to pass through the shabby avenue of Bacao everyday. Sunrises and sunsets were made dramatic with silhouettes of houses in stilts. I could say that I had a love-hate relationship with the area. Love for the silhouettes … More Rememberin’ Bacao

The Scorching Trails of Mt Sembrano

I have been hearing Mt Sembrano from friends as one of the ideal mountaineering destinations. However, more recent news about this mountain are all about negations — robbery in the broad daylight and intentional slash-and-burn cultivation. Locals also say that natural fires occur in the areas dominated by Imperata cylindrica (commonly known as cogon). With … More The Scorching Trails of Mt Sembrano