Festival of Lights

The Cultural Center of the Philippines is the venue of theatrical plays in the country. This is one of the architectural and infrastructural legacies of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. The ferris wheel on the left side of the photo is located at the Star City amusement park, regarded as part of the Cultural Center … More Festival of Lights

The Green Road

Mount Kabunian connects Ilocos Sur and Benguet in the northern Philippines and serves as trading route despite of its high altitude and zero-visibility when the fog gets thick. The mountain is considered as sacred because it is believed to be the home of one of the gods of the local people, thereby protecting the landscape … More The Green Road

A Glimpse of the Future

A child towers over a streak of berets of eminent Filipino scientists and tries to get a first-hand experience of the feeling of being one of the bests in Philippine science and technology. {FIRST PLACE: DOST-Wide Photo Contest 2012}