Travel Buddy: Kat

Kat graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Baños. She loves four things: food, travel, books, and her dog. She thinks her life’s purpose is to eat her way around the world. Due to poor sense of direction (according to her), she always gets lost, but she doesn’t mind because she hopes that in … More Travel Buddy: Kat

Travel Buddy: Andrea

Andrea is a professional accountant and works in a multinational corporation. She is my teammate in dragon boating, mountaineer and member of a rescue team. 1. FAVOURITE DESTINATION SO FAR TAIWAN. I’ve been there twice and I was really impressed with the discipline shown by the locals. Most of our time was spent in Taipei … More Travel Buddy: Andrea

Travel Buddy: Riza

RIZA graduated from the Asian Institute of Tourism of the University of the Philippines Diliman. She is one of the people I LOVE to travel with.. because she is like the scabbard for a “rusty” sword like me. Lol. She can magically cope up with my grumpiness and the urgency I feel everytime I am … More Travel Buddy: Riza